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Why are agricultural machinery and equipment important? 

Agricultural machinery and equipment help 
farmers produce the goods that consumers 
want and need. 

Without the proper machinery and 
equipment, farmers would not be efficient 
enough to provide the food, clothing, and 
shelter that we need. 

Hundreds of years ago, the population was 
made up of primarily farmers and ranchers. 

Now, a very small percent of the population is 
responsible for producing the food and fiber 
used today. 

Machinery and equipment allow this to be 

Because of the high technology with 
machinery and equipment, in some countries 
one farmer produces enough food to feed 
over 100 people. 

Using power only from humans or horses 
would not produce nearly this amount. 

Machinery and equipment reduce the amount 
of hard labor needed for farmers to do their 

Jobs are easier and take less time when 
machinery and equipment are used. 

Machinery and equipment also help farmers 
produce larger amounts of higher quality 
livestock and grain products. 



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